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CarHub's mission is to transform the car-buying experience for consumers and the way dealers attract customers and sell cars. We've established an intelligent, data-driven online platform operating on a common technology infrastructure, powered by proprietary data and analytics.

General CarHub Questions

What is CarHub?
CarHub is your one-stop-shop for all things cars. Our mission is to make your car life simple and enjoyable. We are an automotive portal designed to seamlessly connect car shoppers, owners, dealers, manufacturers, service centers, financial institutions, insurance companies and much more all under one robust marketplace. We use cutting edge technology that is -and always will be- ahead of the others to help empower consumers..
Why should I use CarHub?
CarHub saves you time, money and effort because many aspects of buying, selling and managing your car are all in one place - and easy to use. No longer do you need to spend hours visiting multiple sites to handle all your automotive needs..
How is CarHub different from other Online Car Companies?
Beside the variety of free services we provide for buying and selling your car, Carhub uses a unique Personality Test to help uncertain buyers find the right car for them in minutes. Then we help maintain that car, and any other from one to a fleet, via our FREE CarHub Connect OBD device. No other site has as many aspects of car ownership covered from start to finish..

CARTRON Questions

What is CarTron?
CarTron is a unique Advance Algorithm Personality Test (AAPT), designed by leading industry experts in behavioural science, statistics, and marketing. Compiled from decades of research based on hundreds of thousands of consumers, with over 50,000 styles of vehicle analysed, CarTron’s massive database finds the right car for YOU. Its results are never influenced by advertisers and it’s always evolving with today’s market and trends to remain up-to-date and accurate..
Is the CarTron Personality Test scientifically accurate?
Yes. CarTron was designed by leading industry experts in behavioural science, statistics, and marketing to provide the most accurate assessment of personality and preferences. Take the test and see for yourself.
Does it have every vehicle?
CarTron’s vast database includes every make and model on the market today, including used cars as far back as 1997. Whatever your budget or needs, CarTron will find the best car for you.
How long does the quiz take?
The CarTron quiz should take no longer than a few minutes, unless you need more time to answer the questions – which you may want, given the depth of the test!
Do I need to be a CarHub member to take the test?
No. Anyone can take the test. However, if you become a member, we’ll use your results to personalize your CarHub experience, such as providing you with updates when new cars that fit your preferences are released.
How does it work?
We surveyed hundreds of thousands of people regarding their personality traits and consumer preferences. We also use your answers to match you with people who have answered questions similarly and look at those people's preferences. We then match those preferences to our database of thousands of vehicle makes, models and styles to provide you with the right vehicle for your individual needs.
Is every question a straight either/or choice, or does it take into account degrees of choice?
Decades of psychology research show that it is the relative preference of values that is most predictive. Accordingly, our algorithms take into account the degree of preference that you specify in each question.
What if I don’t agree with the outcome? Can I take the test again or are my answers stored with my account?
You can change your answers and take the test as many times as you like. CarTron is continually learning so you can help teach it new things by removing vehicles from your results or clicking on vehicles that you find are good matches.
Is the final recommendation influenced by advertising or sponsorship of brands on CarHub?
No. Recommendations are completely independent of any sponsorships/advertising. They are only based on scientific research and your answers.
Does it only include new cars, or are used cars considered?
Both new and used cars are included in your results by default, although you can specify which you prefer.
How far back do the used cars go?
Our database lists cars as far back as 1997.


What is CarHub Connect?
CarHub Connect is an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) device that allows you to access the computer in your car’s engine through the same port professional mechanics use. Along with the CarHub App, CarHub Connect allows you to manage every aspect of car ownership from driving information to mechanical status and more.
How does it work?
Simply insert the CarHub Connect device into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and connect it to the CarHub App on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
How do I get a CarHub Connect device?
Once you enter your car’s Vehicle Identification Number and your address (so we know where to send it), we’ll put your very own CarHub Connect Device in the mail. It’s that easy.
Does CarHub Connect work for every car?
CarHub Connect works with most vehicles made after 1996.
How does using CarHub Connect make my life easier?
CarHub Connect gives you access to all of the data available on your car’s computer then organizes it in the CarHub App so you can gather information in real time or keep accurate mileage and trip data. When there’s a mechanical problem with your car or it's due for service CarHub Connect will tell you. With all this knowledge in the palm of your hand, managing your automotive life has never been this easy.
Where do I get the App?
The app is free and downloadable for Apple phones through the App Store and Android phones through Google Play.
Is it really free or are there hidden costs?
There is NO COST TO YOU for using CarHub Connect. The device is free, the CarHub App is free, and there are no recurring or subscription charges of any kind. We even pay for shipping. We only hope that when you need automotive services you choose to work with one of our trusted partners, but are under no obligation to do so.
Is there a monthly subscription?
There are ZERO fees to use CarHub Connect or the CarHub App.
Can I get a CarHub Connect device for each of my cars?
Yes. And they’re all free! You can manage as many cars as you have, all on one smartphone in the CarHub app.
Will having this affect my relationship with my Local Mechanic?
Only in that you will be more aware of the mechanical condition of your vehicle and know when to bring your car in for service.
How does the device help me when it’s time to sell my car?
With a detailed record of the usage of your car, never before has there been a more accurate way to demonstrate the value of your car when it comes time to sell.

MY CAR Questions

Why do I need to enter my vehicle identification number in My Car?
Your VIN is the only way we can make sure CarHub has the exact specifications of your vehicle. It also allows us to notify you of recalls and other important customized information regarding your make and model. And only through your VIN can we ensure there is not a duplicate vehicle in our database..
Why do you need my address?
We need your address in order to send you your free CarHub Connect device.